Triest Hall Update

Posted on January 18, 2024

In 2023, Blake Gives Back focused on providing an elevator for Triest Hall, where Blake volunteered as a student at La Salle. Triest Hall is a residential home for eight adult men with intellectual challenges. Although run by the Catholic Brothers of Charity, it is non-denominational. Triest Hall is enhanced by the many volunteers who have been welcomed into the Triest Hall family.

Some of the residents have called Triest Hall their home for more than 25 years and are now in their 60s. Some have arrived in more recent years. They come from mostly small families, having lives at home to mid-age as an “only child” living with aging parents, many of whom are now deceased.

Triest Hall faces the challenges of aging which affect mobility. The goal at Triest Hall is to maintain optimal functioning for as long as possible for its residents. The home is an old, large, and gracious home from the 1930s affording plenty of space but the downside of lots of stairs.

Perhaps most critical was the need to connect the first floor (where four bedrooms are located along with the kitchen, dining room, TV room, and other common areas) with the lower level (where five additional bedrooms, laundry, and the multipurpose exercise-TV-game space is located).

Blake Gives Back raised funds to replace a perilously dangerous circular stair with a small shaftless residential elevator which will allow the residents to move between floors, maintain their activity levels, and ensure their safety in ambulation.

Thank you to everyone for their support in 2023 to make this goal a reality!

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