Giving Back in 2022

Posted on December 20, 2022

In In 2022, so many of Blake’s friends and our community “gave back” and warmed our hearts. Just a few of the many ways the love for Blake has been shown are shared with you here.

Aidan Millar and Devin Smith, two of Blake’s friends at the College of Charleston, wanted to raise money for Blake Gives Back. They spread the word and collected over $1,000 from the college community and the Kappa Chi Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Student Ryan Kalup nominated Blake Gives Back as a recipient for LaSalle Responds, a student dress-down day fundraiser, raising $750. Blake Gives Back is a proud recipient of LaSalle’s Project Paperback, a fundraiser where students donate used books for resale and proceeds are donated to worthy causes.

Thank you Timmy Whittock, Brendan Boyle, Charlie Fricker, Drew Lottier, Paul Hutapea, Brady Mattia, Jake McNesby, Matthew McNesby, Sam Zieger, Jack (Doc) Trymbiski, Mary Jane Boyle, and Cari Boyle for volunteering for the Blake Gives Back Fall Clean-Up at Triest Hall.

BGB held a Christmas Eve collection for St. Mark’s Church in Frankfort, collecting $600 in gift cards and cash, 10 bags of pantry and emergency grocery provisions, and 14 blankets that touched the lives of more than 70 people this winter.

BGB and Triest Hall held a pizza night for volunteers and residents for a special community evening, and worked on a video about Triest Hall by Blake Gives Back. Pictured here is Blake’s sister Alexis interviewing Louis, one of the wonderful Triest Hall residents.

The neighborhood Blake grew up in has been very supportive of his family, putting on a Block party and Super Bowl pool. All funds were donated to Triest Hall.

Blake’s sister Alexis’s lacrosse team had an “Orange out” and donated proceeds to Simon’s Heart, an organization working toward the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in children.

Our friends at Skramble House of Golf hosted a much-welcomed night out with pizza and fun remembering Blake for his friends and family.

Blake’s friends and family were a major sponsor for and volunteered at the 2022 Simon’s Heart Golf Outing.

Blake’s friends and family spent a day volunteering at Triest Hall doing a spring yard clean-up at the home.

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